Gas fireplace of exclusive design with added features

The popularity of a fireplace is such that in certain parts of Australia it is very difficult to sell the house without the fireplace. In fact, this trend is prevalent in few other countries like Canada and the USA. Further, with the onset of winter, there is a growing need for fireplaces of appropriate design and quality. Now, the traditional wooden fireplace has given way to gas fireplaces. The elegant design and several versatile features have enhanced the popularity of the gas fireplace. Among the various designs of gas fireplaces, the freestanding gas fireplace is known for its versatile utilities and undisputed elegance.


Freestanding gas fireplace


Advantages of a gas fireplace:

The popularity of a gas fireplace is mainly attributed to its elegance and the quality of gas fires. As compared to wood, the gas fireplace is known for the clean burning features and it also emits less carbon. Further, as compared to a wood fireplace, gas fireplace is easy to maintain.

Unique features of a freestanding fireplace:

In fact, these exclusive features can be seen explicitly in a freestanding gas fireplace. This fireplace resembles some of the traditional wood burning fireplaces. In terms of design, the freestanding varieties of gas fireplaces have surfaces that are explicitly exposed to the room which in turn enhance the heating capability of the fireplace. Further, this type of fireplace is capable of withstanding higher temperature as compared to any other gas fireplace of its class. In addition to this, the glass used in this type of gas fireplace is made of ceramic glass which is very efficient in transmitting infrared heat. As a result, the freestanding design gas fireplace has a higher heating capability.

Choice of freestanding design:

Further, the freestanding gas fireplace is found to be suitable for homes and varieties of commercial establishments. This gas fireplace enhances the beauty of the interior of the building. In addition to these, this fireplace can be easily moved to any corner of the premises. This gas fireplace is available in two designs namely vent and ventless. In the normal course, interior decorators suggest vent gas fireplace as an ideal choice for homes. More information at Illusion Gas Log Fires

The natural color of the flame:

In order to provide a traditional look to the fireplace, now gas logs are used. In terms of appearance, the fire logs actually replicate the natural wood. The gas log or gas log fires Melbourne shops sell are made of either refractory cement or ceramic of appropriate quality. These gas logs are further reinforced with steel bars. The refractory cement has the tendency to change the color of the flame from blue to natural golden color. In addition to these, some of the designs of gas log fires even allow the use of propane logs.

Other utilities:

Some of the modern gas fireplaces are so versatile that you can even regulate the gas log fires through the process of remote control. In addition to these, the gas logs are low on maintenance.


The freestanding design gas fireplace enhances the beauty of the interior of the building. Further, the gas logs have the appearance of natural wood. In fact, when you visit the websites such as, you would find gas fireplaces having healthy combination of modernity with a traditional look.